Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fallout 4 Is Really Here

The super long wait is over. When i started this blog few years back, I would never expect it will take such long time until Fallout 4 will be really announced, but now the long wait is over. Its just few hours since we could see first pictures and videos of gameplay and it looks absolutely amazing.
Some people says that there are too bright colors in Fallout 4 and that everything should look more devastated. Well, we don't know in what time is the game set yet and dont know all locations, so why could not be some places bright? We know that game will be set in post apocaliptic Boston and its for sure that nuclear war did not strike all places equally hard, so the California and Nevada wasteland might be much worse place than post apocalyptic Boston. We could definetely see some very devastated areas, so I would not worry too much that the game will not be dark enough.

If you live on different planet and have not seen official trailer for Fallout 4 yet, here it is.

I think this announcement was big surprise to everyone who loves Fallout, because last few months there have been quite big doubts that whole Fallout franchise could end, because of some stupid copyright wars, but now it seems its nothing we should worry about and that is absolutely great.

Fallout 4 has really amazing next-gen graphics as you can see in the official trailer and if you own PC, Playstation 4 or Xbox One, you can look forward to playing it, but most likely the game will not be released for PS3 or Xbox 360, so upgrade your machine to enjoy F4 and that amazing graphics guys.

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