Thursday, November 12, 2015

Where to buy Fallout 4?

Looking for cheap Fallout 4? Im sure many of you have been surprised that prize of Fallout 4 is so high, but what we can do about that? You could wait many months (more likely years) to buy it for 13.99, but that is really not going to happen, so only other option is to find some good prize on the web. Well I tried it and here is what i have found, you can buy it here and I'm sure that right now you will not find much better deals than this.

PC: here

Playstation 4: here

Xbox One: here

Fallout 4 Cheats

Im sure that you have already heard that there are cheats you can use in F4. that is trully something weird, because it it quite long time since I have seen something like that in computer game. I remember that in 90s it was something quite normal, but that is pretty long ago isnt it? im sure some of you did not even play games back then. Well, if you are here for Fallout 4 cheats, then here it is.

Change the Scale - setscale [number 1-10]
Increase Your Bottle Caps - player.additem 0000000f [number goes here]
Increase Your Bobby Pins - player.additem 0000000a [number goes here]
FreeRoam Camera - tfcFaster or Slower Time - set timescale to [number goes here]
Disable AI Detection - tdetect
Increase Your Level - player.setlevel [number goes here]
Increase A Stat - player.modav [skill][number goes here]
 Kill Target - Kill [NPC ID]
Kill All Local NPCs - KillAll
Resurrect NPC - resurrect [NPC ID]
Add An Item(s) To Your Inventory - player.additem [item code][desired quantity]
Spawn An Item Or NPC- player.placeatme [item/object code]
Teleport to Armory - coc qasmoke
Change Your Gender - sexchange
Change Your Jump Height - setgs fJumpHeightMin [number goes here]
Change Your Run Speed - player.setav speedmult [number goes here]
Activate God Mode - tgm
Toggle NPC AI On orOff - tai
Toggle NPC Combat Status - tcai
Enable NoClip - tcl
Reveal All of the Map Markers - tmm 1
Unlock Door or Terminal - unlock

So this is it so far. There might be some new cheats in the future. All you have to do is to type it in the console (press the ~ key on your keyboard) and  press enter.
Personally i think it is wrong that there are these cheats in the game, I think it will ruin the game for everyone who will use them. I Played all Fallouts and i do not remember really that there were any "official" cheats. I mean of course there were some unofficial tricks that could help you in game, but definetely there was not anything like this.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Fallout 4 Release Date

If you have been reading my blog about Fallout 4 before, you know that I was Fallout:New Vegas with that name, because it was really the fourth Fallout, but now we have official Fallout 4, I'm of course not going to do that any more, so the real F4 is that in Boston.

If you want to know what is the release date of F4, then i have to tell you that nobody knows yet. Bethesda should give us more info about the release date of Fallout 4 at this years E3 expo.

Fallout 4 Is Really Here

The super long wait is over. When i started this blog few years back, I would never expect it will take such long time until Fallout 4 will be really announced, but now the long wait is over. Its just few hours since we could see first pictures and videos of gameplay and it looks absolutely amazing.
Some people says that there are too bright colors in Fallout 4 and that everything should look more devastated. Well, we don't know in what time is the game set yet and dont know all locations, so why could not be some places bright? We know that game will be set in post apocaliptic Boston and its for sure that nuclear war did not strike all places equally hard, so the California and Nevada wasteland might be much worse place than post apocalyptic Boston. We could definetely see some very devastated areas, so I would not worry too much that the game will not be dark enough.

If you live on different planet and have not seen official trailer for Fallout 4 yet, here it is.

I think this announcement was big surprise to everyone who loves Fallout, because last few months there have been quite big doubts that whole Fallout franchise could end, because of some stupid copyright wars, but now it seems its nothing we should worry about and that is absolutely great.

Fallout 4 has really amazing next-gen graphics as you can see in the official trailer and if you own PC, Playstation 4 or Xbox One, you can look forward to playing it, but most likely the game will not be released for PS3 or Xbox 360, so upgrade your machine to enjoy F4 and that amazing graphics guys.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some news from world of Fallout

I'm sure all you fans of Fallout 4 are lookinf forward for Fallout online as much as I do. I'm afraid that today I have for you some bad news. It looks like Interplay, the company that is actually developing Fallou Online has some financial problems. Well, that is not all, it looks like there might be some legal problems about licence issues with Bethesda also, nothing is for sure now, but the situation really is not very good.

Another news I have for you might really surprise you. You might not know it, but even Hitler plays Fallout New Vegas, but Hitler is not so pathetic as we are, he plays it in hardcore mode!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Fallout 4 DLC packs

Everyone who has orginal version of Fallout 4 (or Fallout New Vegas if you want) would like of course play so called DLC packs. It is just few years since various companies who are creating computer games started to offer to their players these DLC packs. So what exactly means this DLC? Well, it is quite simple. In wikipedia you can find that it means Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport or Democratic Leadership Council, but in fact means only Downloadable Content. Yes now it means it is that stuff you can download from web that adds some new stuff and new episodes to games such as Fallout 4 New Vegas.

First DLC for Fallout 4 New Vegas was released three days before Xmas 2010. This DLC is called Dead Money. you can work with few NPCs and your task is to find the lost treasure of the Sierra Madre Casino.

Now has been announced another three DLC packs for Fallout New Vegas and looks like we really have something to look forward.

The first of the new DLC packs is called Honest Hearts and this DLC pack you can enjoy something really great. If you want to try how it is to live in wilderness. You will be in Zion National Park that is in Utah. You are traveling why your caravan is ambushed by some tribe warriors and you caught in local conflicts and want to find a way back to Mojave.

Old World Blues is name of another DLC for Fallout 4. In this DLC you will find some something about Mojave mutants and you will have to fight for your own life and even much more. In June we will all be able to play this game.

In Lonesome Road you finally reveal more about the story of the Courier. At the absolute beginning of the story of Fallout 4 there was guy called Ulysses who refused to deliver the platinum chip. Now he wants to tell you the story, but only you will travel to canyons of the Divide and you can be sure that it is not very nice place. No one who ever tried to get there ever come back, so you should be really careful. This story begins in July.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fallout New Vegas nude patch download

Do you know what was the first Fallout New Vegas mod released? Surprisingly it was nude patch. It has been about two or three days after release date, that is really pretty fast! Well if you have found this blog when typing Fallout New Vegas nude patch download to google, you are probably really not interested in some stupid words and you want the link. Well I assume that you are at least 18 years old so you can download Fallout New Vegas nude patch here.