Sunday, October 17, 2010

Factions in Fallout New Vegas

If you remember the situation from Fallout 2, in New Reno there were few faction fighting for the control over the city and of course that situation in New Vegas must be similar, but it looks like it will be even more complicated than in the good old New Reno. There is really many different factions in Fallout New Vegas and I don't wanna to spoil to game to you showing you all these factions, so here is just the basic info on the few that are probably most important. Tha main factions in New Vegas are
NCR - New California Republic, oh yeah the NCR, coalition of cities based in Shady Sands is still here after so long time.
Ceasar's Legion - very powerful slaving organization
Mr. House - ruler of New Vegas

fallout New Vegas trailer from the strip

The release date is really very close, so there is something new about Fallout New vegas almost every day. In this absolutely new trailer you can see the strip how it looks in 2283.

What we already know about Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas takes place in year 2281 in Las Vegas and Mojave desert, three years after Fallout 3, but of course on the other side of United States. That means that the Fallout series is coming closer to places where it all started. There is something very special about New Vegas, because it has been somehow lucky city. In the Great war that took place in 2077 major cities has been hit with nuclear strikes, but not Las Vegas. The buildings of New Vegas were not destroyed and the population of this city has not been exposed to very high doses of radiation and that means less mutation.

If you thought that Fallout 4 New Vegas will be the same game as Fallout 3 just with different story, than you were both wrong and right. Fallout New Vegas uses the same engine as Fallout 3, but the gameplay is not completely same. In Fallout New Vegas. In the V.A.T.S. there will be new special attacks, you will be able to use iron sights on weapons that uses them. You will also be able to modificate your weapons, you can add scopes, use different magazines and such stuff. In Fallout New Vegas there will be also something what we could not see in any Fallout until now and that is the role of plants. You will be harvesting plants that you can then use for many various things. Well of course that when you are in NEW Vegas, there will be plenty of games where you can lost all your money as in real Las Vegas :)
Lot of people were not happy that Fallout 3 is not "enough RPG", well at least some RPG things that we missed in Fallout 3 so much are back in Fallout New Vegas and that is reputation system. If you are doing something for one of the fractions in New Vegas it has of course effect on the other fractions in the city, they will not like you. That is all for now, but come back, when I found out anything new about Fallout New Vegas I will immediately put it in here.

Fallout New Vegas release date

We finally know EXACT release date of Fallout New Vegas and there are already people on the web who are playing it! Fallout New Vegas will be released in USA on October 19 (just two days!!) and in Europe it will be released October 22.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fallout New Vegas Guide walkthrough

If are you looking for Fallout New Vegas guide or walkthrough, then you are on the right place, because the time of release of Fallout New Vegas is getting really close and here you will find as soon as possible.