Fallout New Vegas Guide

Today is 11/11 2010 and I have finally finished Fallout New Vegas few days ago and all I can say is that it s really great game. Not the best game I've played, but definetely one of the best. Well I have promised to write a Fallout New Vegas Guide Walkthrough. Well today I will start to write, but because it is really big game, it will probably take a lot of time. Of course if you don't want to spoil your game experience then stop reading NOW!!

In the Doc Mitchell's house

The absolutely first quest is Ain't That A Kick In The Head

So you have to walk to Vit-o-matic Vigor Tester, then use it, sit down on the couch in the living room and then follow Doc Mitchelll to the exit. That was very simple :)


So you are out of Doc Mitchell house and you are in Goodsprings. This quest is also quite easy and it is called Back in the Saddle. Go to the Prospector Saloon and talk to girl called Sunny SMiles. This girl is gonna teach you something about surviving in the Mojave Wasteland. After talking with her, meet in her behind the Prospector Saloon. You will now have to shoot three bottles Sunset Sansaparilla bottles. then follow Sunny Smiles again, the first real action is coming!! Now you have to kill the Geckos around the well, then talk to Sunny Smiles again and kill the Geckos on other wells as well. It is not so easy as it seems, because you are still unexperienced guy who really doesn't know how to survive in wasteland so good luck pardner! After killing the Geckos talk to Sunny Smiles about the reward. It is possible that you will meet one woman while doing this task, it is side quest called By a Campfire on the Trail if you save her, you will be rewarded, but if not don't worry and take her stuff :)

When you come back to Prospector Saloon you will probably hear arguement of Trudy and Joe Cobb, well, this is the beginning of another quest called Ghost Town Gunfight. So talk to Trudy, if you decide to help Ringo go to the gas station where you will find him. He wants more help. Go to Sunny Smiles, she will join you so you are three now, if her dog is still alive four. Well there are even more people you can recruit fo the fight after talking with Sunny Smiles. Now try go thru town and find some magazines that will help you to temporarily get the skills to convince townfolks to help you, but is not really necessary. With Salesman Weekly you can convince Chat to help you, he is also selling this magazine.Patriot's Cookbook you find in mailboxes sometimes, it will help you to convince Easy Pete to give you the dynamite. Try to find anothe magazines and with them you can also convince Trudy and Doc Mitchell to help. Now you can start the fight and after winning, the quest is done.

there are also other things to do in Goodpsrings, you can repair the radion in the saloon, also talking to Victor is good idea.