Monday, November 15, 2010

Fallout New Vegas nude patch download

Do you know what was the first Fallout New Vegas mod released? Surprisingly it was nude patch. It has been about two or three days after release date, that is really pretty fast! Well if you have found this blog when typing Fallout New Vegas nude patch download to google, you are probably really not interested in some stupid words and you want the link. Well I assume that you are at least 18 years old so you can download Fallout New Vegas nude patch here.

Fallout New Vegas Map

Fallout New Vegas is really huge game and even I have finished the game few days ago, I had no idea that there is so huge amount of locations. In this Fallout New Vegas map you can see that there are 162 locations in Fallout New Vegas map, that is really amazing number. Check it out here

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fallout New Vegas Where To Find Snow Globes?

So I assume that you are playing Fallout New Vegas and you have found one of those Snow Globes right? You want to know what it is and what to do it with it. Well, you should definetely keep and I will tell where to find more!!

1. Old Mormon Fort - on the bookshelf inside the tower where doctor lives is snow globe.

2. Goodsprings Cemetery - yeah, you didn't know this?? There is a snow globe there, go and find, it is not hard!

3. The Strip - this snow globe you can find in Sara's bedroom. Oh yes, who wants Fallout New Vegas snow globes must behave sometimes really really bad!

4. Lucky 38 - I could not believe to my eyes when I've found this one, there is snow globe right there in Lucky 38 casino! You can find in the coctail lounge.

5. Nellis Air Base - this is another very easy Fallout New Vegas snow globe. You can find this one in the museum in the Nellis Air Base location.

6. Hoovers Dam - there is another snow globe in Hoovers Dam visitors centre.

7. Jacobstown - another snow globe you can find in the Jacobstown, go to the lodge and look for on the reception desk. That should be all! You have 'em all!!