Friday, March 19, 2010

15 new pictures from Fallout 4

Hi folks, I'm here again with some interesting news about Fallout 4 New Vegas. This time I have for you 15 new pictures from Fallout 4 New Vegas has been released, so check 'em out. Espacially that T-Rex is something I would never expect in Fallout, thanks to god it is not alife, just something from amusement park. No matter, these pictures looks very promising, everything looks like it should in my opinion.. Geckons, zombies, mutants, miniguns, wasteland...everything what makes Fallout probably the best game ever is there.

Fallout New Vegas official teaser trailer released

Hi all fans of the best series of RPG games. The moment we were all waiting for is finally here, no no we have still plenty of time until the release date, but what is finally here official teaser trailer to Fallout 4 New Vegas. Check this trailer out, I'm sure you gonna like it, I'm almost 100% that Fallout New Vegas is gonna be really great game.